L’inedito update di DayZ introduce armi e un nuovo sistema di illuminazione, ecco tutti i dettagli

Il titolo di Bohemia Interactive è attualmente disponibile su PC, PS4 e Xbox One.

Nelle scorse ore Bohemia Interactive pubblicato un nuovo aggiornamento dedicato all’edizione PC di DayZ, che porta così il titolo multiplayer alla versione 1.05.

L’update introduce, tra le altre cose, nuove armi, schermate tutorial e veleni, oltre a nuove animazioni inerenti al salto e all’arrampicata, che consentono ora ai giocatori di superare anche ostacoli alti fino a 2,30 metri.

Inoltre, questa patch modifica la configurazione dell’illuminazione globale. Come tale, c’è una luminosità generale durante il giorno e meno zone d’ombra dominanti tendenti al blu durante le giornate limpide.

Segnaliamo, infine, che questo update aumenta anche la quantità di sangue, riduce il tasso di rigenerazione della salute del personaggio, regola le posizioni delle ferite per consentire una maggiore variabilità ai valori di salute del personaggio e riduce il danno e il valore di shock ricevuto dagli infetti.

Come di consueto, i giocatori potranno scaricare automaticamente l’aggiornamento al prossimo avvio del client Steam, ecco di seguito la lista completa delle note di rilascio (in lingua inglese):

  • Added: New pistol Mlock-91 with attachments
  • Added: New pistol MKII with magazine
  • Added: New rifle KAS-74U with attachments
  • Added: Vaulting and Climbing enable players to pass obstacles up to 2,30 meters high (exception for base fences, gates and watchtowers)
  • Added: .22 LR Rounds
  • Added: Tutorial screens in the main menu
  • Added: VoN whisper/talk/shout voice levels
  • Added: Infected are attracted by talking players
  • Added: Food Poisoning
  • Fixed: Items can be thrown through windows
  • Fixed: Patrol pants couldn’t be wrung outFixed: IV Saline Bag and IV Blood Bag didn’t have any effect
  • Fixed: The consequences of giving blood of an incompatible blood type were applied to the applying person instead to target
  • Changed: Ambient loot can now also spawn in “rotten” and “dried” states
  • Changed: The saline bag is faster to apply and now increases the blood replenishment (visualized through the medication (pill) indicator)
  • Changed: Giving the wrong type of blood can now cause the character to go unconscious and trigger a hemolytic transfusion reaction
  • Changed: The hemolytic transfusion reaction is faster and more severe
  • Tweaked: Bullet damage is reduced with longer bullet travel time
  • Tweaked: Lowered the regeneration rate of the character health
  • Tweaked: Adjusted the injured stance thresholds to allow more mobility at lower character health values
  • Tweaked: Increased the amount of blood lost from bleeding sources
  • Tweaked: Quantity in UI is now hidden for the Saline Bag, IV Saline Bag, Epinephrine and Morphine (single-use items)
  • Tweaked: Reduced damage and shock value received from infected
  • Tweaked: Slightly increased chance for a bleeding source from an infected attack
  • Tweaked: Lowered the damage of the players fists to health and shock
  • Tweaked: Drinking from wells and ponds should no longer get the player replenished so fast
  • Tweaked: Global lighting config has been adjusted: overall brightness during day, less prominent shadows during clear days, less blue in shadows
  • Added: A script callback Object::OnPhysicsCreate
  • Added: A model (p3d) property “canClimb” to enable climbing the model (default is 1, 0 is disabled).
  • Added: A method to detect night using GetGame().GetWorld().IsNight() (returns true when the sun is below the horizon)
  • Added: Hidden selections for the LAR to allow re-texturing
  • Added: Hidden selections for the wooden crate to allow re-texturing
  • Added: Possibility to disable the resizing of the inventory bbox view via a new config parameter “enlargeInventoryView”
  • Changed: HumanCommandMelee::IsOnBack and HumanCommandMelee2::IsOnBack (preferred) are now accessible from the script API
  • Fixed: A null pointer in ‘SlotToAnimType’
  • Optimized: Command start/finish events
  • Added: Priority queuing for the login queue
  • Fixed: Server config related issues weren’t logged in the rpt and crash files
  • Fixed: A crash occurring when an infected was updated without valid network object
  • Fixed: A server crash caused by a player disconnecting after an item was thrown
  • Fixed: A server error caused by a player committing suicide being simultaneously killed by another player
  • Fixed: A server error when entering and exiting vehicles”

DayZ è attualmente disponibile su PC, PlayStation 4 e Xbox One. Per maggiori informazioni sul titolo di Bohemia Interactive vi invitiamo a consultare la nostra esaustiva recensione relativa alla versione PS4 Pro.