Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight, la nuova patch su Switch aumenta la risoluzione in modalità TV

Nelle scorse ore, Yacht Club Games ha rilasciato un nuovo aggiornamento dedicato a Shovel Knight e a tutti i suoi contenuti aggiuntivi, che porta il gioco alla versione 3.0A.

Tra le novità più importanti, segnaliamo l’aumento della risoluzione a 1080p in modalità TV per la versione Switch e la correzione di alcuni problemi e bug segnalati dagli utenti.

Ecco di seguito l’elenco delle migliorie (in lingua inglese):


  • Fix: Specter of Torment: Crash when defeating the final boss with a German language setting.
  • Fix: Specter of Torment: Fixed a bug that allowed Specter Knight to Judgment Rush to unintended locations during certain scenes.
  • Fix: Specter of Torment: Horace sometimes rewarding the wrong gold amount when reaching the tower’s top.
  • Fix: Support for Player 2’s controller within calibrate screen prompts.
  • Fix: Delete All now resets screen scale and brightness settings.
  • Fix: Shovel of Hope: Various bug fixes for co-op.
  • Fix: Specter of Torment: Broken camera transition when falling into a certain death pit within “event 2”.
  • Various localization and text improvements.
  • Change (Shovel/Plague): The wandering encounter Reize will no longer cross over into the second tier of stages if the game time is below 25 minutes…

Nintendo Switch

  • Now outputs at a 1080p resolution while playing in docked mode!
  • Screen Scale video option is only applied and available while playing in docked mode.
  • Screen Scale menu now appears for the first time that the game is started while in TV mode.
  • Note: If your TV is not displaying the game’s full image we recommend adjusting your TV Settings from the System Settings menu — this way you’re set for all games in the future! Learn how to do so here.
  • Fix: Screen Scale / Brightness options not saving.