Il nuovo aggiornamento di Sea of Thieves punta al bilanciamento delle armi

Nella giornata di ieri Rare e Microsoft hanno rilasciato un nuovo aggiornamento relativo a tutte le edizioni di Sea of Thieves, che porta il titolo alla versione 1.0.3.

L’update, dalla dimensione di circa 1.20GB, non introduce nulla di nuovo a livello contenutistico, ma si limita semplicemente a ridisegnare il sistema di bilanciamento delle armi, con l’archibugio che è diventato meno letale da distanza ravvicinata e il fucile di precisione che ha ricevuto un incremento del danno inflitto dalla lunga distanza.

Introdotto anche un messaggio nell’hub centrale del gioco che spiega come affondare volontariamente la propria nave nel caso in cui l’equipaggio avesse bisogno di un respawn immediato. La versione PC è stata modificata con una differente sensibilità predefinita del mouse, mentre gli sviluppatori hanno confermato l’arrivo di un apposito slot di impostazioni con il prossimo aggiornamento.

Di seguito il change-log completo (in inglese):


  • Message from Beyond – A message from the Ferryman has been nailed to the door post on the Ferry of the Damned instructing players on how to scuttle their ship.
    This is a reminder to players that if their ship and / or crew is in a position they want to get out of, simply going to “My Crew” in the settings page and voting to “Scuttle Ship” will sink the ship and start the crew in a new location.
  • Weapon Balancing – Reduced Blunderbuss Damage and Increased Eye of Reach damage.
    We’ve been reviewing the data on players weapon choices and damage dealt across our weapons and made some balancing changes. We will continue to monitor this change and further tweak as needed.
  • [PC Only] Aim Down Sights Sensitivity – We’ve increased the default mouse sensitivity to allow for more efficient aiming and to be in parity with the controller, as we heard your feedback regarding how mouse-mats around the world were being worn out due to how painfully slow it was to aim down the sights.
    We are also currently working on further improvements for a future update which will include an ADS slider in the Settings to allow players to choose a sensitivity they feel comfortable with.
  • [PC Only] Mouse Binds – We’ve added mouse scroll up and down to the list of controls players can use to rebind actions to.

Fixed Issues

  • Enabling ‘non-directional’ chat no longer allows non-crew players to be heard anywhere in the world.
  • Players should no longer get into a state where they can no longer equip a second weapon.
  • We have corrected an issue with players receiving very little warning of a server shutdown. Players should now receive a minimum warning of 30 minutes for a server shut down.
    We are still working to ensure that server shutdowns are something that a player would only experience during scheduled maintenance. In the meantime we aim to give players more opportunity to react to a shutdown should it occur.

Performance Improvements

  • In response to reports of poor ping times in South America, we have now deployed Sea Of Thieves to a South American data centre.
  • Multiple server and client crash fixes.

Further improvements and optimisations for all platforms are ongoing.

Known Issues

  • Trading Companies now have limited voyage stock that refreshes at 6am every day (in-game time). This limited voyage stock is currently not explained during purchasing.
  • Some players cannot see their downloadable content in game.
  • Players may experience details of their pirate (such as hair colour / scars) looking different from their initial selection.
  • Bounty quest skeleton waves sometimes spawn in the ground or cannot be found at all.
  • Pirates can be migrated to another server after completing a Skeleton Fort, and sailing away with the Vault Key. After migration, they will find that the vault is empty upon their return.
    We are working on a fix. A short term solution is to not sail away from the Skeleton Fort when you have the Vault Key.
  • [PC] Push to talk option will reset to default (disabled) between sessions.
  • Message from Beyond on the Ghost Ship isn’t translated to other languages.