Steam Controller

Nuovo aggiornamento per il controller di Steam

Valve ha rilasciato un nuovo aggiornamento per i beta tester di Steam, che include anche delle interessanti novità per lo Steam Controller.

Con questo update è ora possibile creare e salvare più configurazioni dei tasti, per poi cambiarli in automatico in base al tipo di gioco. L’update corregge inoltre l’opzione di inversione della visuale in orizzontale, che non funzionava quando si utilizzava un mouse, e un problema relativo ad alcuni giochi che non applicavano le giuste impostazioni del controller. La nuova patch introduce anche alcuni miglioramenti per SteamVR.
Per conoscere tutte le novità, i miglioramenti e le correzioni di questo aggiornamento vi rimandiamo alle note ufficiali riportate di seguito.


  • Emoticons show up now in Big Picture

Steam Controller

  • Added user definable action sets for legacy games.
  • Users can now add additional action sets with their own sets of bindings. Action sets can be added/deleted/named as appropriate and selected via a binding. Note that unlike mode-shifts, action sets completely replace all currently active bindings, and can have their own mode shifts and so forth.
  • Added New Controller Action binding types which will expand in the future with bindings that are not specific to the game, but rather higher level, as noted below.
  • Added Change Action Set Binding – sets the action set to the next or a specified action set when used.
  • Added Show Keyboard Binding – shows the on-screen keyboard
  • Added Take Screenshot Binding – takes a screenshot
  • Removed hard coded desktop keyboard shortcut (stick click) and replaced it with controller action binding in the default desktop configuration.
  • Fixed some cases of non-steam games not applying controller settings.
  • Ensure that “Allow Launchers” option is off for this to take effect.
  • Fixed controllers not turning off on Suspend power mode in Desktop mode which could cause zombie controllers to be seen over wireless
  • Fixed Horizontal Invert setting not working on Mouse Joystick


  • Automatically launch SteamVR after it finishes updating
  • Added the SteamVR tool in the SteamVR section in the Library view
  • Added SteamVR to the jump list options
  • Improved scrolling when using the touchpads in the Steam interface while in your HMD

VR Keyboard

  • Fixes for URL entry in big picture