Tekken 7

Tekken 7, l’aggiornamento di settembre è incentrato sul bilanciamento dei lottatori

Come riportato dai colleghi di DSO Gaming, nelle scorse ore Bandai Namco ha rilasciato l’aggiornamento di settembre relativo a Tekken 7, ultimo picchiaduro della casa nipponica rilasciato disponibile per PC e console.

Nel dettaglio, il nuovo update è incentrato totalmente sul bilanciamento generale dei vari lottatori, andando a intervenire in maniera approfondita sui moveset dei personaggi.

Ecco di seguito la lista completa dei cambiamenti (in lingua inglese):

  • Hwoarang – Rage Drive – Made a modification so that rage meter is spent when the third attack is executed instead of the second.
    • Human Cannonball – Fixed an issue where Hwoarang sometimes can’t catch an opponent after he slides.
  • Xiaoyu – During Phoenix – Opponents are now knocked back shorter distance when blocking this move.
    • An opponent’s hit now becomes an aerial hit when it lands while guarding.
  • Bryan Fury – Snake Edge – Expanded the hit box.
  • Jack 7 – Rage Art – Expanded the hit box.
  • Dragnov – Clipping Sweep – Hit box is generated 2F later than before.
    • Pommel Swing – Hit box is generated 1F later than before.
    • While rising – Expanded the hit box.
  • Lili – Edelweiss – Expanded the hit box.
  • Leo – Gui Xi – Opponents are now knocked back shorter distance when blocking this move.
    • Increased the recovery frame by 1F when the move is blocked and when the move whiffed.
    • Increased the recovery frame by 4F when the move whiffed.
  • Lucky Chloe – Rage Drive – Rage drive While crouching?The first attack Opponents’ block stun is now increased by 8F.
    • Hit box of the first attack now remains 1F longer.
    • The opponent is now knocked back shorter distance when the first attack hits.
    • An opponent’s block stun is increased by 7F when the 2nd attack is blocked.
    • Up Step While crouching?Hit box remains 1F longer.
  • Josie – Step in Tracer ?Expanded the hit box.
    • Hit box remains 1F longer.
  • Gigas – Hell Crusher
    • During Goliath: Hit box remains 2F longer.
    • Monster Axe: Expand the hit box of 2nd attack.
    • Repelling Blast: Hit box remains 1F longer.
  • Kazumi – Crimson Dawn?Shorten the reach of first attack
  • Nina – Sideslip?Changed the status to crouching.
    • Modified the collision to make it easier to land the attack.
  • Master Raven While crouching ?Expanded the hit box.
    • Crouching status remains 8F longer.
  • Lee – Laser Edge Lee Somersault? Modified the motion and now the character moves forward for more distance.
    • Rear Cross Punch: Expanded the hit box.
    • Grass Snake: Available to use this skill even entering as well.
    • Twister Heel/While rising: Decreased the block stun by 2F.
    • Modified the motion and the character moves forward for more distance.
    • Silver Tail/While crouching: Fixed an issue where crouching status disappeared when inputting and transitioning to a stance.
  • Eddy – Rage drive – Increased the block stun by 7F when the first attack is blocked.
  • Eliza – Dark Blade Chaos: Improved the homing ability of the move.
    • Dark Cannon – AirBorne Dark Cannon During jump?Increased the block stun by 3F.
    • Rending Claw: Changed an opponent’s behavior when the move hits.

Tekken 7 è disponibile per PC, PlayStation 4 e Xbox One.