Team Ninja lancia un nuovo aggiornamento per NiOh

Dopo l’uscita dell’aggiornamento 1.04 di NiOh, il team di sviluppo ha pubblicato un ulteriore nuovo update che ha corretto alcuni bug che si erano verificati con la patch precedente.

Di seguito la lista di tutte le migliorie e correzioni introdotte con l’update:

Important notes:

  • To celebrate shipments surpassing a million units worldwide, the “Gold Nioh Armor” can be received from the “Boons” menu after updating to 1.04.
  • At the blacksmith, it’s possible to rarely obtain very high level equipment by satisfying certain conditions. This was faulty, and the level of the equipment greatly exceeded what was intended for the game’s balance. This has now been fixed.
    While we’re sorry about that, we have to make a downward revision of the corresponding equipment as of version 1.04, even for customers that already obtained it (since the modification is related to the original level, the higher the level, the higher it will be after the fix).

New features and adjustements

  • Added an option to the “Trade” menu of the “Hidden Tea House” letting you redistribute your points by spending a dedicated item.
    Arrows, bullets and other consumables will be sent automatically to the storehouse if they can’t be picked up due to carry limits.
  • Added a “Play Time” display to the “Other” tab of the “Gameplay Record” option of the Titles menu.
  • Added the following settings to the “Basic Game Settings” menu in the “System Menu”
  • Add weapon Tabs to Inventory Menu
  • Add Armor Tabs to Inventory Menu
  • Add Accessory Tabs to Inventory Menu
  • Auto-refill Ammo From Storehouse at Mission Start
  • Reset Camera Upon Guarding
  • The title screen will now show the game’s version.
  • Weapon and armor can now be ordered by Type.
  • The Itokuri Guardian Spirit has been changed to prioritize weapon attributes about protection from paralysis.

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed an issue that caused other character data to be overwritten by auto saves. There is a possibility that the error might still occur, but it will be saved normally by saving again. Errors caused by auto save will be fixed with the PS4 system software update 4.50.
  • Fixed a problem that caused certain enemies to keep dropping Amrita.
  • Corrected a bug that caused geometry not to appear in some stages.
  • Fixed an issue causing application errors and inability to progress while fighting certain bosses.
  • Fixed an issue that caused inability to complete a mission when defeating a boss while in mid-air.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Kelley and Magoiochi Saiga to be buried in the ground while playing online.
  • Fixed an issue causing a temporary match with another user after completing a mission in rare cases.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the correct gestures made towards a Mujina to be interpreted by the game as a failure.
  • Fixed a problem occurring during online play, when summoned while in the hot springs. Players appeared without their equipment, and couldn’t open the equipment menu.
  • Fixed a bug causing the strong attack of the second sword of the dual katana weapons in middle stance to fail to hit after a guard.
  • Fixed a bug causing to become unreachable if the skill “Leaf Glide” was used during a specific boss fight.
  • Fixed a bug when using the guardian spirit Suzaku with bare hands, triggering weapons with strength 0.
  • Fixed a problem causing the count of specific enemies not to be performed as intended in Gameplay Record.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the description of gestures to be displayed incorrectly in the “Trade” menu of the “Hidden Tea Room.”
  • Other minor bug fixes.

NiOh è disponibile in esclusiva su PlayStation 4, mentre il primo DLC Dragon of the North uscirà nel mese di aprile.